8 Best Mini Mill For Cnc Conversion in 2020 | Reviews and Buyer's Guide

In this post, we’re going to help you find the best mini mill for cnc conversion by exploring the top models in the market. With the models in our list, you can mill a wide variety of materials at home and achieve great, professional results.

And the best part? You’ll be able to secure a fantastic, robust model without having to break the bank to meet the initial cost.

Mini mills are the most powerful tool to make an uneven surface into a flat surface. That means you can get a flat surface on the scrap materials and use them for various purposes. 

So, it’s high time to forget about the old-fashioned hammer on to construct a scrap piece into a handy material for your workshop. Because we can rely on “Milling Machine” the greatest invention of the latest science. It makes our harder tasks easier like making versatile surfaces, drill, bore, slots, and many more.

8 Best Mini Mill For Cnc Conversion
  1. Grizzly G0704 Drill Mill w/ Stand
  2. Klutch Mini Milling Machine
  3. Erie Tools SP2102
  4. JET JMD-18 Milling/Drilling Machine
  5. KKmoon Mini Metal Lathe
  6. Proxxon 37110 Micro Mill
  7. OTMT OT2213 Mini Milling Machine
  8. Zinnor 660283910

Best Mini Mill For Cnc Conversion

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Best Mini Mill For Cnc Conversion in 2020 | Reviews

1. Grizzly G0704 Drill Mill w/ Stand

Grizzly G0704 Drill Mill w/ Stand

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Power : 1 House Power
Weight :   0.01 ounces
Dimensions : 30 x 27.5 x 35.5 inches
Maximum Speed : 2250 RPM
Voltage : 110 volts

The Grizzly G0704 Drill Mill is a step up from the previous pick. Despite its small size the G0704 has a 1HP motor and performs more like bigger costlier machines.

The price, quality, and flexibility of this drill mill make it another great choice for entry-level DIY. It’s also an affordable single-purpose extra machine for a busy workshop. And this little device is capable of a lot more than its impression suggests despite the small size.

There’s even a robust stand included which comes with a chip tray and cabinet. I mention these things because not all brands and models include a stand as they’re often optional extras.

The Grizzly G0704 Drill Mill is well-built and works exactly as advertised. Yet despite its use as a capable manual machine some folks like to convert it to CNC. There’s lots of online community help for people who want to do just that.

  • Suitable for pro and DIY use
  • Includes stand
  • Sports some features found on larger drill mills
  • Perfect for home use and smaller workshops
  • 90-degree tilting head
  • Attractive price
  • Small size means some restrictions

2. Klutch Mini Milling Machine

Klutch Mini Milling Machine
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Power : 0.5 Horse Power
Weight : 143 lbs
Dimensions : 35 x 15 x 8 inches
Maximum Speed : 2500 RPM
Voltage : 110 Volts

Klutch Mini Milling Machine is our best mini milling machine that has a lot of good qualities that any good mini mill should have. Upon many features, we will go explain one by one on this klutch mini mill review.

First of all, when we found the motor speed to be as good as ¾ HP, we were pretty much surprised. The variable speed motor has two-speed gearboxes that can deliver up to 350 watts of power. The speed can be anything from 100 RPM to 2500 RPM.

Milling head and column can be tilted within an angle of 45 degrees, both in left and right side. This can give you to handle larger operations with your mini milling machine.

The worktable size is pretty large and enough to handle both small and large-scale jobs. And it is one of the reasons for this being the best mini mill for steel.

Another plus point of Klutch Mini Milling Machine is, it features a 360-degree swiveling head. This is once again, help you to increase the range of works.

The length of both longitudinal travel and cross travel is pretty important in case of any milling machine. In that terms, this one gives you a longitudinal traveling distance of 4 inches, and the cross distance it can cover is 7 inches.

Feed controlling up to perfect limit is another of its important features. And surprisingly, all these features come with a good price range that’s affordable, making it a strong option in this mini milling machine reviews.

  • Vibration free
  • Has no low RPM
  • Difficult to control its speed

3. Erie Tools SP2102

Erie Tools SP2102
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Power : 0.53 HP
Weight :  104.2 pounds
Dimensions : 36 x 17.3 x 14.6 inches
Maximum Speed : 2500RPM
Voltage : 120 Volts

If you are looking for a dwarf version of a full-form milling machine, Erie Tools Mini Metal Milling Lathe is the product we’re recommending. This erie tools mini milling machine comes to be a little bit expensive.

But wait till we explain you all the essential features of this option ,which is easily the best mini lathe combo. We’re sure it’ll serve you up to your heart’s content.

This machine from Erie Tools includes a lathe machine, a chuck key, five different pieces of carbide jaws, 11 feed rate gears, a set of external chunk jaws and of course, the manual. All in all, this set is quite enough for dealing with all the basic machining works regarding metals.

Moving forward to its operations that we’re able to do with it, there comes drilling, cutting, turning metals. Also, you can take woods, plastics parts here as well.

While it comes into metal works, precision is what most of us look for. In this erie tools sp2102 review, you’ll find that the problem is indeed solvable. It has a variable speed to work on a 7 inches x 14 inches platform. So, small jobs are very well suited to be done.

Also, motor power is another of the important concerns. The motor can rotate with an amazing speed of 2500 RPM in both anti-clockwise and clockwise direction. For any kind of jobs done at garages or workshops, this is quite a good one to go. Also, for people who’ll put a question mark on the price, may get their answer of why it costs so much.

Thread indicator is another plus point of this mini mill. It will help the user to turn screw threads within a range of 12 to 52 TPL. Amazing right?

From an overall point of view, this product seems like a bang for the bucks. Specially for those who want to deal with heavy workloads within a little space taken for the machine, this one is the go-to pick.
  • Has inbuilt safety features
  • Multipurpose
  • Has good power
  • Small worktable

4. JET JMD-18 Milling/Drilling Machine

JET JMD-18 Milling/Drilling Machine
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Power : 2 HP
Weight : 739 pounds
Dimensions : 42.5 x 39.75 x 43.5 inches
Maximum Speed : 3000 RPM
Voltage : 230 volts 

For quite some years, Jet Machinery had been a popular name among the machinists. This time, we’ve picked up a comparatively newer product to place at our number 4. It’s called the JET JMD-18, and we’ll tell you on this jet milling machine review why it’s worthy.

You may not have the same size of jobs to deal with your mini mill. In case you have quite bigger jobs in hand, this one will support with its big work table. The size of the table is 9.5 x 31,75 inches, which is quite okay to go.

Moving forward, it’s about motor power. In this jet jmd-18 mill drill review, we find that it features a 2HP motor power that runs on regular ac power of 230 volts.

Also, you can switch between 15 to 3000 rpm with the help of 12 spindle needles. You can also experience a minimized delay and quick transports while working.

What next? Well, the next significant feature that we would like to show you is, the cast iron column and heavy duty roller bearings. You may ask- why having these is important?

When you have a strong supportive column made of cast iron, things become a lot easier. It will give you the freedom to handle heavier working metals, as well as a firm support. And the heavy duty roller will also help to support the spindle and ensure greater tolerance.

Easy to read depth gauge is the next good thing about this mini mill. The depth gauge that comes with the machine, is quite easy to read. This is a serious benefit whenever you’re working with metals. Also, a 360 degree rotating swiveling head for precision comes as an additional feature.

Considering the overall features and build quality, it can very well be the best mini mill for 80 lower.

  • Heavy duty milling machine
  • Highly precise
  • Has a work lamp
  • Powerful motor
  • Adjustable RPMs
  • Small enough for those with limited space
  • You have to zero vertical moves before each cut
  • It’s heavy
  • Requires a high level of proficiency to operate

5. KKmoon Mini Metal Lathe

 KKmoon Mini Metal Lathe
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Weight : 7.54 pounds
Dimensions :  19.5 x 14.9 x 3.4 inches
Maximum Speed : 20000 RPM
Voltage : 240volts

At the fiveth space of the list, we have got a kkmoon mini metal lathe review, the reputed manufacturer. Although this machine is not for milling works only, but there is a number of reasons to put this product on the second spot of the list. We will go one by one.

First of all, this one is a 6 in 1 mini lathe machine. So, you can not the only mill but also saw, grind, drill and lathe with this one. You see, these are basically the tasks that every garage worker, woodworker, plumber or handyman has to deal with. So, as per our concern, it’s an all-in-1 machining tool.

Now, who are the people who can use it? And what are the type of jobs? Well, if you have anything like DIY hobbies, crafts, small parts processing, project designing and so on, we think this as an ideal pick for the money.

Worrying about safety? The kkmoon mini metal lathe diy machine had been well aware of it before you were. This mini lathe machine gives you a solid risk-free construction that is durable and non-reformable.

In case of safety, while using, you can avail a pair of protective gloves with the package itself. This will come in help while you’re working with it. Specially for protecting the eyes and hands, this pair of gloves will come as a blessing.

Overall, this best mini mill and lathe machine will be an all-in-one solution for all of your machining works. You can sincerely think of owning it for yourself, if you are indeed looking for the best benchtop milling machine of course.

  • 6 in 1 operation are able to be done with it.
  • Durable and non-reformable.
  • Can be used for quite some years.
  • Comes with a protective glass pair.
  • Operating the machine is quite easy.
  • Contains a handful of parts.
  • Quite expensive in terms of price-quality ratio.

6. Proxxon 37110 Micro Mill

 Proxxon 37110 Micro Mill
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Weight : 18.2 pounds
Dimensions : 16.9 x 10.8 x 9.2 inches
Maximum Speed : 20000 RPM
Voltage : 120 Volts 

In this review of the best mini mill for fine woodworking, we would like to introduce the Proxxon 37110 Micro Mill, which isn’t just one of the best affordable mini mills out there, but it is also a really good performer for the value.

First of all, we are looking at a pretty decent form factor with a relatively low price tag. For the most part, it should fit right in and lend a hand with all of your chores.

This product should be more than enough for novice and intermediate users, as it only fashions itself with the most needed features. For this reason, you can consider it as the best mini mill for gunsmithing and other similar chores.

Speaking of the most needed features, we do have a variable speed 100-watt motor which runs at standard voltage requirements. Now you have a 5000-rpm speed which goes all the up to 20000-rpm. It may not be much, but it’s not too bad either. For small electrical projects and design works, it should be more than enough.

Then you are looking at a decent size table with respectable dimensions. It is sturdy enough and does help out a lot with adjustability. The 200x700mm table should be just fine for jewelry, electronics, lab, and other small-scale projects. Also, the table features 3-T slots with an adjustable ruler, making the positioning of the workpiece a breeze.

When it comes to the overall build quality, for the price, you can’t really expect anything more. The vertical columns and compound lathe both feel premium thanks to the aluminum treatment. Moreover, you adjustability on all axes, which is nice. Considering all these aspects, we can certainly label it as the best proxxon milling machine review so far.

Overall, for the newbies out there, the proxxon 37110 small and beautiful micro mill mf 70 new machine is the perfect mini mill to get started.

Of course, with such an aggressive price tag, you shouldn’t really expect anything out of the ordinary. But it does take care of all the basic operations. So, we are not at all afraid to recommend it.
  • Precise and stable
  • Vibration free
  • Cast iron base to handle heavy objects
  • Has an advanced Dremel
  • Has a small worktable
  • The motor is a little noisy

7. OTMT OT2213 Mini Milling Machine

OTMT OT2213 Mini Milling Machine
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Power : 0.5 HP
Weight : 140 pounds
Dimensions : 22.04 x 19.68 x 29.13 inches
Maximum Speed : 2500 RPM
Voltage : 110 Volts

The machine we have in hand right now isn’t a mini milling machine merely. Where mini-mills come in a smaller size, this one is a little larger. But once you’re done with analyzing the tasks that it can handle, you’ll be amazed for sure. The product name is OTMT Variable Speed Mini Milling Machine and we’ll explain it features to this otmt milling machine reviews.

The OTMT Variable Speed Mini Milling Machine has a number of handy features, such as a variable speed control, gear drive that can save much of your time while working. While machining works are being done, saving time is important, isn’t it?

The control and accuracy is another important feature that machinists look for a lot. In that term, it will put a smile in your face. The head can be tilted up to an angle of 45 degrees in both left and right side. This gives the firm control we’re talking about.

There is a pretty fine feeding system along with a coarse feed that helps in drilling. Also, the dial is pretty easy to read, which shows up to .0001 inches of increment. So, getting the right setting for the right job becomes pretty much easier for you.

The motor of the otmt mini ot2213 , which is of 1/2hp, has two variable speeds. The low range can offer a speed range of 0-100 RPM. On the other hand, the high end of speed delivers a range of 100-2500 RPM.

Overall, the motor capacity an performance is pretty good with this mill making it the best mini mill with feed motor.

The table size seems pretty fine to us. It gives a dimension of 15 inches x 3-½ inches and can also travel a decent distance.

The spindle range is -45 degrees to 45 degrees of rotational angle. And this is the most unique and value adding feature of the whole mini mill.

Among other important features, there is both forward and reverse traveling capacity, traveling capacity of both right and left for the table and so on.
  • Compact mini design
  • Strong base and worktable
  • Little vibrations when working
  • Inbuilt safety features
  • A lot of slack in x and y-axis
  • Restricted use

8. Zinnor 660283910

 Zinnor 660283910
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Weight : 9.68 pounds
Dimensions : 16.93 x 14.17 x 4.33 inches
Maximum Speed : 20000 RPM

We are at the end of the list of  best mini mill for cnc conversion in the market. This time, we are back with zinnor mini metal lathe review that’d been just launched in the market. But comparing to the feature list, we think it deserves the attention of yours. So, don’t stop reading here and continue to the features below-

This product from Zinnor is a six in one micro woodworking lathe machine. It can be converted into six different types of machines- the jigsaw machine, the drilling machine, the sander machine, woodworking lathe machine, milling machine and of course, metal lathe.

When it comes to security, Zinnor does no compromise. It provides 100% security with the overheat protection that ensures safe operation. The specially designed of the blade ensures safety in operation. Even in the case, the sawtooth touches the skin somehow, it will create a tiny vibration.

Also, it ensures protection against over current flow, over voltage flow, overheats flow and so on.

The machine is pretty much efficient and saves a lot of time. With the motor power of 20,000 RPM, which is one of the biggest power so far.

Another question we often get is, it’s suitable for multiple types of works. Such as DIY, production creations, micro level metalworking, project designs and so on. So, if you’re a professional or a hobbyist person, this one is an on-the-go product.

Comparing to the features and prices, we find it as a good option as the best mini milling machine for small shop.

  • 6 in 1 kit for multiple purposes.
  • 100% safe and secure to operate.
  • Efficient to work.
  • It saves a good amount of time.
  • It serves different types of works.
  • Very cheap in price.
  • Not for heavy metal works.

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Things To Consider Before You Buy A Milling Machine
So, you are still confused, right? Since our top list only tells about their pros and cons. But you still don’t know how to get the best mini milling mill with the maximum features and advantages.

So, there are some essential things to look for in a milling machine. Let’s know them!

Motor Power:
It’s quite obvious that the work performance depends on the motor power of a milling machine. Any machine works according to the motor’s capability. And then all other parts impacts the performance.

You have to choose the mini mill that can co-operate with your materials. Steel, brass, copper, aluminum, or mild steel require different power to work with. If you’re going to work with only with metal and you know that for sure then you should go for the specific mill. Make sure to choose a versatile mill to perform several materials if you’re a professional.

From our list, you can choose one for your multi-material milling. Remember, the harder materials you’re going to deal with will require for the powerful motor power. For the harder materials, we can recommend you JET from our first pick. Because it has the high-power motor capacity with variable speed. 

Horsepower for heavy-duty tasks isn’t only needed. You will need a minimum of 1 HP power for any DIY task. Though you’re only going to deal with home DIYs, you should get 1 HP. In this case, we recommend you Grizzly from our very last pick. So, you can easily do your small tasks with a 1 HP motor. But 2 HP is required for harder and larger tasks.

Speed is the fact that performs the milling and drilling smoothly. If the speed isn’t enough for material then you can never get the satisfactory cut and hole in metals. From wood to copper, every single piece needs a different speed range to complete the milling.

Since we have mentioned about RPM in our top 5 best mini milling machine reviews already. So, let’s talk about RPM again now. Each of our reviewed milling machines has RPM range. As far as concern for the speed, higher RPM ensure more speed and lower indicated less speed. An ideal machine will allow you both higher and lower RPM. Your workshop needs dual RPM built-in settings in a mini mill. Because that’s when you can accomplish the various task without facing any difficulty. For smaller projects lower RPM is sufficient. However, variable speed is still needed for the small project to deal with multiple types of materials.

Milling is incomplete without its table. So, you need to get milling that has a larger table size. Without a larger table size, you can never get the same amount of flexibility in your operation that you want.

Else, table quality ensures the capability for offering durable work. If you’re going to handle some heavy-duty industrial grade, the table must be sturdy. Most of the milling table is made of aluminum or steel. You also should look for the T-slots which installed on most of the milling. T-slots are very necessary for holding down the materials you’re going to work with.

Tilt Accuracy:

The milling machine has to tilt according to the cutting requirement. Every milling has its range of tilt from 45 degrees to 360 degrees. The rotation of the head is very much necessary when you want to cut a bigger workpiece. So, you should check out the tilt capacity range according to your work requirement.

FAQ - Frequency Asked Questions 

Q1. What is the best manufacturer that produces the best mini milling machine?
Actually, there are many reputed companies producing milling machines. They don’t have that much difference in terms of picks and perks. When you’re really on the go situation with one, understand that’s the one made for you!

Q2. Is the drill press or milling machine the same?

No! They aren’t same. A drilling machine doesn’t have bearings to endure side load. But, a milling machine has. Every milling is a drill press but the drill press isn’t a milling machine. Got it?

Q3. Which milling machine is the best – expensive or pricey?
There is nothing to clarify actually. Who cares for the price actually when you’re satisfied with the cheapest one? You should only seek your satisfaction and durable work. Only then you can get the best milling experience.

Q4. Is there any types of milling machine?
 There are 7 types of milling machines -turret, horizontal, column, C-frame, tracer controlled, planer style, and bed type.

Q5. Can I modify It?
You can modify it installing different types of parts like CNC, extra motor, driver bolt, and many more.

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