8 Best Table Saw Blade for Ripping Plywood & Hardwood in 2020 - Review and Buyers Guide

When you’re out there looking for the best table saw blades for ripping hardwood and plywood, it pays to take a little extra time to find the right product. In our best table saw blades for ripping hardwood review, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of variation between products.

This is because not every blade can and should be used for every job, so with that in mind, we’re going to tell you about some of the features that you should definitely consider before you make a blade purchase.

8 Best Table Saw Blades For Ripping Plywood & Hardwood
  1. Forrest WW10407125 -Top Table Saw Blade 
  2. IRWIN 10-Inch Classic Series Miter Saw Blade
  3. Freud D1050X Diablo 10" 50-tooth ATB Combo Saw Blade
  4. DEWALT 10-Inch Miter / Table Saw Blade
  5. ​Freud 80-Tooth Ultimate 10-Inch Blade
  6. TAICHIV 10” Saw Blades for Table Saw
  7. HICO 40-Tooth 10-Inch Kerf Saw Blade
  8. INGTERCO 10-Inch 80 Tooth ATB Woodworking Saw Blade

best table saw blades for ripping hardwood & plywood

best table saw blades for ripping hardwood & plywood | reviews

1. ​Forrest WW10407125 -Top Table Saw Blade 

Arbor: 5/8 inch
Kerl:  0.125"
Weight: 2.18 pounds
Blade Diameter: 10 inch
Product Dimensions: 11x11x1 inches
Warranty: 30 Day Guaranteed 

The Forrest WW10407125 10-Inch Blade presents potential buyers with a dilemma. It’s one of the most expensive sawblades on the market, leaving one to wonder if it’s worth the price. What we can tell you it’s that it’s an excellent saw blade. It comes with a small kerf, which saves you up to ⅛” per cut relative to lesser blades. Despite its thinness, it is sturdy, and you won’t have inaccurate cuts due to wobbling or flexing while in use.

These blades are largely handmade, including hand tensioning and the teeth are hand-brazed to the plate. Unlike other brands, there’s a human monitoring the whole process, so flaws are fixed before these blades leave the factory. These blades’ high-quality results in less backside tear out, which is always a welcome feature in a table saw blade. However, it does sometimes burn harder woods, so you’ll need to take precautions when cutting those woods.

These blades are also extraordinarily expensive relative to the rest of the market, so you have to decide if they’re worth the price for you. However, all in all, we still think that these are the best table saw blades on the market.

  • ATB teeth placed at a 30-degree angle help it come to a complete stop faster.
  • Measures 10-inches across with 40 individual teeth along the edges.
  • Reduces the risk of wood splintering.
  • Moves fast enough that it can burn some types of wood.
  • Does not work well with a zero clearance setting.

2. IRWIN 10-Inch Classic Series Miter Saw Blade 

Arbor: 5/8 inches
Kerl: 0.09"
Weight: 1.25 pounds
Blade Diameter: 10 inch
Product Dimensions: 12x11.4x0.1 inches
Warranty: Limited Warranty 

For grinding and other types of woodworking applications, this model from IRWIN Tools performs better than others. It has a solid plate in the center that extends out to the sides, which will last longer, but it also has 180 individual teeth that are sharp to the touch. Though those teeth can break off, regular maintenance will prevent that from happening.

The teeth on this IRWIN 11870 table saw blade are precision ground, which ensures that each one is the same size and just as sharp as the next. We also like this one because its low price makes it an affordable option for any woodworker.

  • Affordable enough for all budgets.
  • Has a total of 180 teeth for faster and more efficient grinding.
  • Solid plate allows this model to last longer than its competitors.
  • Has a speed rating that is too slow for use with some saws.
  • Some teeth can break apart and come off before you can sharpen them.

​3. Freud D1050X Diablo 10" 50-tooth ATB Combo Saw Blade

Arbor: 5/8 inch
Kerl: 0.098"
Weight: 3 pounds
Blade Diameter: 10 inch
Product Dimensions: 10x10x.25 inches 
Warranty: Limited Lifetime 

The Freud D1050X Diablo is good for anyone who knows that they’ll be doing a ton of ripping and crosscutting, and don’t want to have to change out blades to get good cuts of both kinds. This blade comes with 50 teeth, which is a lot and improves cut quality. 40 of these teeth are small, and makes this blade great for crosscutting, while the ten larger teeth help remove shavings during ripping, making that process easier. Since you can do both operations with this blade, you can replace two blades and still get excellent results.

The blade itself is laser-cut for high levels of precision and includes a stabilizer that reduces wobbling during cuts. It also comes with a Perma-shield nonstick coating, which helps the blade resist damage due to heat or corrosion. However, this doesn’t specialize in either rips or crosscuts, so if you know you’re mostly going to be doing one kind of cut or the other, and you need the very best precision on the market, you may consider a different blade.

For most people, this blade will be the best value for the money, since it costs far less than our top model.

  • 50 teeth
  • Perma-shield coating
  • Laser-cut stabilizer
  • Good for ripping and crosscutting
  • Not a specialized blade

​4. DEWALT 10-Inch Miter / Table Saw Blade

Arbor: 5/8 inch
Weight: 2.18
Blade Diameter: 10 inch
Product Dimensions: 11x11x1 inches
Warranty: 30 Day

The DEWALT DW3106P5 will be an attractive offer for most people. It comes with two blades for the price of one, which is a great deal if the blades live up to their potential. Included are two 10-inch blades, one with 32 teeth for ripping or other general-purpose tasks, and the other with 60 teeth for high-quality crosscutting. These blades are advertised as having a computer-balanced plate that should reduce vibration and lead to increased accuracy and a better finish.

However, there are serious problems with some of the blades that come from the factory that you should consider before you buy. They’re inconsistently sharpened, which means some will work just fine, while others will need a touch-up before first use. If you know how to sharpen blades, that may not be a big deal, but you’ll still have to work to get a good outcome.

In addition to the sharpness problems, they’re not the best for fine detail work, as they leave a more ragged edge than competing blades. If you don’t need perfection, however, it’s hard to beat the price on these blades.

  • DEWALT uses computers to create the perfect balance.
  • Wedge shoulder design of the tips adds more strength to those tips.
  • Comes with two products of the same dimensions.
  • Teeth will only last through a few sharpening stages.
  • Has a thinner thickness than others do.

​5. Freud 80-Tooth Ultimate 10-Inch Blade

Arbor: 5/8 inch
Kerl:  0.126"
Weight: 1.8 pounds
Blade Diameter: 10 inch
Product Dimensions: 10.1x10.1x0.1 inches
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Guarantee 

This Freud LU80R010 table saw blade comes with the same coating as the last model, which makes it resistant to rust and keeps build up from impacting its strength and finish. It has twice as many teeth on it though, and those 80 teeth provide the smooth and clean cuts that you want without chipping or splintering. Those ATB teeth can break off or wear down when you use this one with harder materials.

Designed for cutting laminates and woods, this model works on marine-grade products and on veneers too. Made from a high-density carbide material, this model is stronger than others and will last longer.

  • Designed to work on laminates and woods with a veneer finish/coating.
  • Made from a high-density carbide with ATB teeth.
  • Perma-SHIELD coating prevents common damage to the teeth and surface.
  • Can cheap some thinner and cheaper types of wood.
  • Teeth can break off when used on harder materials.

​6. TAICHIV 10” Saw Blades for Table Saw

Arbor: 5/8 inch
Weight: 1.65 pounds
Blade Diameter: 10 inch
Product Dimensions: 10x10x.12 inches 
Warranty: limited Lifetime 

This affordable tungsten-carbide blade from TAICHIV can reach a respectable 5,500 RPM. Featuring a specially formulated coating to minimize friction and reduce gum-up, it should glide through most wood effortlessly. For the price, we didn’t really expect that much. However, it performed quite well on our first cuts.

Soon we noticed that the blade was starting to dull very quickly. After just a few dozen boards being run through it, this blade had definitely lost some of its charm and was taking longer with each cut. It was also noticeably louder than the higher end blades with noise-relief carvings. The blade may be useful for the hobbyist who isn’t using it all that often. If your saw sees regular use, we’d have to recommend something a bit longer-lasting.
  • Affordably priced
  • Went dull quickly
  • Noisy

7. HICO 40-Tooth 10-Inch Kerf Saw Blade

Arbor: 5/8 inch
Kerl: 0.001"
Weight: 1.55 pounds
Blade Diameter: 10 inch
Product Dimensions: 10x10x0.1 inches
Warranty: 1 year seller warranty 

While other table saw blades run so loudly that you cannot hear yourself think, this HICO thin kerf general purpose saw blade has built-in vents that absorb some of those noises to help it run quieter and more smoothly. Those vents also help it run at a lower temperature, which keeps it from overheating. As it has a standard 5/8-inch arbor, this one will work with most tables.

The high-density carbide used in its construction gets a boost from some titanium that makes it even stronger. It works well on most forms of hardwood as well as some softer woods and can work on plywood and chip board too.


  • Ideal for all cutting applications.
  • Made from a high-density carbide with the addition of some titanium.
  • Built-in vents keep it from overheating and reduces the noises produced.
  • Has a larger run out than other products do.
  • Larger distance between teeth may cause some splintering of the wood.

8. INGTERCO 10-Inch 80 Tooth ATB Woodworking Saw Blade

Arbor: 4/8 inch
Kerl: 0.100"
Weight: 1.35 pounds 
Blade Diameter: 10 inch
Product Dimensions: 10.8x10.7x10.7 inches
Warranty: 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee 

Though INGTERCO makes a variety of different products, this 80-tooth table saw blade is the one that caught our eye. Those teeth have a nice design that incorporates a flat top with a sharp edge that allows each teeth to sink into the wood before cutting it. Regular sharpening will increase the lifespan of those teeth.

Made from a titanium carbide, this Ingterco thin kerf general purpose saw blade provides sharper cuts and lasts longer than products made from other materials. It works at a rating of up to 6,000 revolutions per minute and can handle both standard and cross cutting methods. This thin kerf blade also has a non-stick coating on its surface that helps the wood slip right off and prevents problems caused by friction.

  • Designed to reduce kickbacks and vibrations when spinning.
  • Works with standard cutting and when doing cross cutting.
  • Suitable for use at an RPM of up to 6,000.
  • Requires regular sharpening of the tips.
  • May not last as long as other products do in your table.

Buying Guide for a Table Saw Blade

Saw Blade Essentials
Numerous saw blades offer the perfect results in when it comes to making various cuts. There are those saw blades that are ideal for making crosscuts on lumber, metal, and veneer plywood, laminates, ripping lumber and other purposes. There is also a general purpose table saw blades that are designed to work better on various machines as well as making different cuts. Combined blades are ideal for both cutting and ripping.

Number of Teeth
Generally, that come with many teeth deliver smooth and precise cuts and the ones with fewer teeth deliver rough but fast cuts. 10 inches blades are ideal for ripping lumber, and they come with 24 teeth blades and so it designed to make fast cuts on various materials. A ripping blade is not ideal for making clean and smooth cuts, but a good one can cut through hardwood easily and make clean cuts with less effort.

When we talk of the gullet, we refer to the space found at the front of every tooth to give room for chip removal. When it comes to ripping, the rate at which you feed the material into the machine is faster if the cheap comes at a bigger size. With that in mind, you need to make sure that your gullet is deep enough to create enough room for a big hip of materials.

On the other hand, when it comes to crosscutting, the blades come in small sizes to reduce a very fast feed rate which can end up becoming an issue on the radial arm as well as sliding miter saw. When buying the blade, always make sure you consider the gullet so that you can make clean and clear cuts.

Tooth Configuration
The saw blades tooth and the teeth configuration can affect how the cuts will come out. The tooth configuration on a table saw blade is essential when it comes to making precise ripping or crosscutting on woods and laminates. That is why you need to make sure that the blade comes with the right tooth configuration.

The kerf is the breadth of the blade, and that thickness is very crucial when it comes to making the right cuts on a given material. Many blades come in both full-kerfs as well as thin-kerf varieties. The full-kerf blades cut 1/8 slot and are ideal to be used on table saws that are powered by a 3hp motors or more. Depending on the cuts you wish to make, choose a blade that comes with the right thickness.

The Teeth Quality of the Blade
The teeth that you find on the quality table saw blades are constructed with a huge carbide ends that are brought together on the blade plate. The time the table blade takes to remain sharp, how neat the cuts will come out, and the number of re-sharpening the blade needs depends on the quality of the blade tips that comes with the blade.

Carbide tipped blades are the most suitable ones since they are specifically formulated for blade’s application the three-metal brazing procedure.

And you can use the blade when it comes to attaching the cutting tips to the table saw’s blade plate also makes the blade the unbeatable when it comes to cutting various types of cuts on various materials.

Blade tooth configuration

Flat top also is known as (FT)

The teeth are usually used to rip soft and hardwoods since wood rarely splinter or break off when you are cutting, and the blade is meant to cut the material quickly. This is the only one when it comes to cutting and raking wood materials from the cut.

Alternative Top Bevel (ATB)

As the name suggests, the teeth of the blade swap between left-hand and the bevel on the right-hand configuration give a cleaner cross-cutting on veneer plywood and natural woods the swapping teeth forms a sharp edge on any of the blade sides to create sure you get cleaner cuts than when using the teeth.

Teeth combination also is known as the (comb)

These blades are ideal for any workshop owner to have. These blades are designed for both ripping and cross-cutting on various materials. The teeth on such thing come with a group arrangement of 5 with a huge hollow in the middle of the teeth.

TCG (Triple-chip-grind)

The blades arrangement cuts better on hard materials. The teeth swap to make sure that you can get the different cuts with a single blade.

High alternative top bevel (Hi-ATB)

If looking forward to making very fine crosscuts and also to cut melamine coated materials that are prone to breaking off, then Hi-ATB blades are what you need. The high-bevel-angle boosts the blade’s sharpness for cleaner and faster cuts.

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