Best Budget HVLP Spray Gun for Woodworking in 2020 | Reviews and Buying Guide

Wood is a standout amongst the most generally utilized building materials. It can be stained to give it an appealing and charming appearance or painted to give it a new look. To do this, you will need a painting tool. So, which is the best tool to use for such a purpose? An HVLP spray gun for woodworking is the way to go.

In this review, we will take a look at four spray guns from brands like Fuji and Wagner. Each spray gun has something to offer, but what sets them all apart is their flaws. We will analyze each product’s strength and weaknesses, and we will then determine which would be the best spray gun for woodworking to buy.

However, to get the desired results, you have to use the best HVLP spray gun for woodworking. The guide below outlines all you need to choose the ideal spraying equipment that can give you fast and unique paint finishes in your woodworking projects.

Best Budget HVLP Spray Gun For Woodworking
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8 Best Budget HVLP Spray Gun For Woodworking
  1. Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 – Gravity HVLP Spray System, Best for woodworking
  2. Earlex HV5500 Spray Station, 650 Watt, 13' Hose
  3. HomeRight Finish Max C800766, C900076 Power Painter,  HVLP Spray Gun Projects
  4. Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max
  5. Fuji 2803-T75G Mini-Mite 3 PLATINUM
  6. Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System,
  7. Neiko 31216A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun
  8. Devilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670 Solvent Based HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Gun

Best Budget HVLP Spray Gun For Woodworking in 2020 | Reviews

1. Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 – Gravity HVLP Spray System, Best for woodworking

Paint Cup : 400cc
Hose length : 25 feet
Voltage : 120 Volts
Weight : 25.1 pounds
Warranty : 2 year
Dimensions : 16x9.5x12.5 Inches

If you have used any spray gun, then you must have heard of Fuji. The company has a record of accomplishment in proving business and homeowners with high-quality paint sprayers. Their reputation is undeniable and is characterized in their work.

The same is evident in the Fuji 2203G Semi-Pro sprayer that comes with a cup capacity of 400 CC. The Fuji 2203G Semi-Pro 2 has a 1400-watt power capacity to keep the unit running.

Besides this, the unit has an air gap of 1.3mm that allows the sprayer to thin painting materials. It is compatible with various painting materials, including stains, varnishes, latex, etc.

Furthermore, the unit has its dedicated fan control, which allows easy adjusting of the pattern size to suits whatever the need may be. With this unit, you will not experience any dripping of the painting material, especially from the nozzle.

There is no room for wastage when using the Fuji 2203G Semi-Pro 2. This will save you the cost and an opportunity to perform your woodwork project seamlessly.

Another high point of this product is the unit where the fluid passes; it is made of a stainless steel material, which makes the unit to last longer.

There is no issue of sticking, corrosion or rusting of painting materials with this unit. In terms of maintenance, it is easy to disassemble the unit and clean the parts thoroughly without stress.

  • The non-bleed design prevents solvent flashing
  • Rear-placed adjustable fan control for changing the spray pattern
  • Includes a 2-stage, 5 PSI turbine, and a long 25-foot hose
  • Stainless-steel fluid passages for water and solvent-based spraying
  • Small cup size

2. Earlex HV5500 Spray Station, 650 Watt, 13' Hose

Paint Cup :
Hose length : 13 ft
Voltage : 120 volts
Weight : 12.17 pounds
Warranty : 2 year
Dimensions : 12x12x26 Inches

This pro spray gun is designed for contractors, woodworkers, and people who love DIY projects. It's a very portable spray gun, which makes it perfect for both home and job use. It is made to use with small and medium sized projects.

The Earlex has a three-position external spray pattern, which can change the width from one inch to 12 inches. Just push and click the buttons on the handle to change the width - it's very easy. This gun is made to use with any kind of coating.

This spray gun also comes with a paint flow control dial, stainless steel nozzle, and an angled tube for either overhead or downward spraying. It comes with storage for the spray gun and a 13-foot air hose.

Customers who have used this spray gun say that it is easy to use and gets the job done. However, some people have mentioned that the air hose detaches easily, sometimes when in the middle of the project, causing the coating to become clumpy at that time. Some customers have had to go over the wood another time after the hose detaches, because the coating is no longer smooth.

  • Semi-pro gun with a 2-stage 2.2 PSI turbine for high-quality finishing
  • 13-foot air hose for movement allowance
  • Neat on-board hose storage
  • Flow control dial and spray changing patterns
  • Not coated for easy cleaning

3. HomeRight Finish Max C800766, C900076 Power Painter,  HVLP Spray Gun Projects

Paint Cup :
Hose length :
Voltage : 120 volts
Weight : 3.1 pounds
Warranty : 2 year
Dimensions : 5x9x12.5 Inches

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to those mentioned above best HVLP spray gun for woodwork, the HomeRight Finish Max C800766 fits that match.

It is flexible, making it usable for both indoor and outdoor projects. While it can serve as a paint sprayer for your little projects, it still does the job perfectly as any HVLP spray gun.

In spite of its low price, it still possesses most features that expensive spray gun has. The unit comes with an adjustable spray control option, including vertical, horizontal, and circular spray patterns.

  • Simplified design with few parts that are easy to clean
  • Flow control knob for regulating paint output
  • Adjustable air cap for horizontal, vertical or round-shaped spray
  • Corrosion-resistant brass tip and nozzle
  • A bit bulky

4. Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max

Paint Cup :
Hose length : 20 ft
Voltage : 110 volts
Weight : 11.18 pounds
Warranty : 1 year
Dimensions : 18.5x12x12 Inches

Another household name in manufacturing spray gun is Wagner, which offers user-friendly and affordable products to customers.

The Wagner 0518080 spray gun has two different cups – a metal and plastic cup. With this, you choose the cup that works better when using the liquid.

This unit features an air filter, which ensures nothing aside from the paint comes out from the nozzle. The spray gun is known not to drip down neither bleed out when used.

This gives you total control of the paint flow with a professional outcome of your project. It does not matter if you are a novice or amateur in painting woodwork; the Wagner 0518080 spray gun makes your project look professional.

Similar to the spray guns mentioned above, Wagner 0518080 comes with three distinct modes, which is adjustable for any project.

  • Has two paint cups
  • Has a large paint capacity
  • Parts can easily be cleaned
  • Comes with three spray patterns
  • Cord is too short

5. Fuji 2803-T75G Mini-Mite 3 PLATINUM

Paint Cup : 600cc
Hose length : 25 ft
Voltage : 110 volts
Weight : 27.6 pounds
Warranty : 2 year
Dimensions : 14.5x9.5x11.5 inches

The Fuji 2803-T70 spray system is among the most potent 3-stage turbines you will find in the paint sprayer market. It comes with a fitting side pattern control knob to easily regulate the fan pattern from large to small.

Additionally, this unit features an ergonomic handle for comfort when using the system.

Besides its heat dissipation box, it is portable and transportable to wherever you desire because of its lightness. The precision and power of the Fuji 2801-T70 Mini-Mite 3 Platinum are incomparable with any spray system in the market.

You can outrightly say that it outranks every spray system in the market. In terms of price, the Fuji 2801 is reasonable concerning its productivity, power, and usability when compared to the Fuji 2202.

  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Handles thick paints well
  • Comfortable to use and highly adjustable
  • Holds up to many hours of continuous use
  • Almost ready to use right out of the box
  • Smooth and consistent results – Well worth the money
  • A bit noisy
  • Hose end washer can fall out, so keep a close eye on it

6.Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System

Paint Cup : 400cc
Hose length : 25 ft
Voltage : 120 volts
Weight : 25.1 pounds
Warranty : 2 year
Dimensions : 16x9.5x12.5 Inches

Fuji 2202 is  the best HVLP spray gun for woodworking is this fantastic product from Fuji. Fuji is a reliable producer of high-quality spray guns and the Fuji 2202 Semi-Pro 2 HVLP Spray system stays true to its performance.

Although, it is costly when you consider others in our list, however, it comes with a performance that exceeds expectations. It is suitable for spraying doors, ceilings, shutters, walls, cabinets, furniture pieces, etc.

Beginners can use Fuji spray guns, but the product was specially designed for experienced painters who do not want to undermine the quality and perfection of their work.

Fuji 2202 Semi-Pro 2 HVLP Spray system comes powered 1400 Watts with a 25 feet hose to work on any position freely.

The product also features a 1.3mm nozzle, adjustable spray pattern, and a bottom feed cup. This product is the best sprayer you will find in the painting industry to perform any painting job.

Essential features of the Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System, Blue includes a dedicated fan pattern control, stainless steel nozzle, metal turbine case, and a handy gun holder. Disassembling the spray gun comes more natural to perform your routine maintenance and clean-up.

  • Non-bleed spray gun
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • For distant work 25 ft. hose
  • Ergonomic handle with a cooling effect
  • Powerful 1400 watt 2 stage spray system
  • Package includes air cap, bottom feed cup, turbine case, and gun holder
  • The device is quite noisy

7. Neiko 31216A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun

Paint Cup : 600cc
Hose length : 20.3 ft
Voltage : 110 volts
Weight : 2.82 pounds
Warranty :
Dimensions : 8.94 x 5.83 x 4.92 Inches

This spray gun is bound to blow anyone’s mind with its design. The gun has a very advanced and compact design. It is easy to handle and simple to use.

Unlike the other spray guns, we have reviewed so far, this one has a shiny aluminum cup of 600cc attached to the top of the trigger. The gun is heavy duty made completely of steel.

The gun body is one piece, and the steel used in it is rust-resistant. So even if your gun gets soaked in the rain, it won’t get damaged or have rusted.

Nozzle of the gun is made of stainless steel as well. The nozzle is rust-resistant so you can you thin paints and water-based paints in this spray gun.

You can adjust the three valve knobs on the trigger to control the spraying of paint. The HVLP gun ensures that you get a smooth finish on all wood surfaces. This gun is designed to deliver gravity feed fluid, which results in outstanding precision.

These paint spray guns come with an operating pressure of 40 pounds per square and a working pressure of 10 pounds per square. The paint sprayer consumes air of 4.5 cubic feet per minute on average.

Nozzle size of the spray gun is 2.0mm, which is perfect for priming, varnishing, staining, and other woodworks. A wrench along with a cleaning brush, is included in the package of this sprayer.

We highly recommend this sprayer for a smooth and excellent finish. The heavy-duty spray gun has consistency in performance and can be used for many different projects.

  • Affordable
  • Solid, rust-resistant stainless-steel construction
  • Spray pattern, air and fluid control valves
  • Includes a multi-size wrench, air gauge and cleaning brush as accessories
  • No hose and turbine

8. Devilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670 Solvent Based HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Gun

Paint Cup : 900cc
Hose length :
Voltage : 110 volts
Weight : 1.5 pounds
Warranty : 6 month
Dimensions : 5.5x5.5x10 Inches

This pro spray gun offers the latest in enhanced atomization technology, and will help you achieve professional results on your projects. This product is ideal for contractors and those who have a passion for DIY projects. The DeVilbiss Finishline comes with a precision machine air cap and several fluid nozzles, so you can choose how you want your coating to come out. Its anodized body makes the product easier to clean.

It has an air adjusting valve with a gauge, HVLP high transfer efficiency, and it is made of high grade stainless steel. If you are looking for a spray gun that will give you a sleek, smooth finish on all of your projects, this is the spray gun for you!

Customers have also said that this spray gun achieves some of the best results they've seen. It is easy to take apart and clean, and any coating comes out smoothly. However, some customers have said that is has a somewhat narrow spray pattern, as its maximum setting is only seven inches wide. This makes it difficult not to have lap marks on larger items, like doors and tables. Some customers have also said that some of the buttons and settings on the spray gun are a little confusing and take time to understand.

  • Strong and durable stainless-steel parts
  • Anodized interior and exterior for easy cleaning
  • Enhanced atomization with precision-machined air caps and fluid nozzles
  • Large 900cc paint cup
  • No turbine

Buying Guide of Best HVLP Spray Gun for Woodworking

Now that you have gone through our reviews, we would like to guide you through the whole purchasing process. HVLP spray guns are an investment; you would want to consider the following features before investing on your chosen spray gun:

User Convenience and Ease

It’s important that you find the spray gun easy to handle and use. If you are struggling to figure out the mechanism of the spray gun, then it’s not that great. It is always recommended to look for something simple and easy to use.

Paint thinning requirement is a huge factor in HVLP spray guns. Usually, better HVLP spray guns require lesser paint thinning. Many HVLP sprayers do not require any kind of paint thinning; they are definitely the most convenient ones to use.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Your HVLP spray gun must be very easy to take apart and clean. It might seem like that the complicatedly assembled spray guns are more reliable, but that’s a wrong assumption.

If you are using a steel spray gun, make sure it’s made of stainless steel. Many steel body spray guns are anodized, which makes them easier to clean.

Many HVLP spray guns also come with the cleaning supplies included in the package. This definitely makes cleaning the machine easier and doesn’t require purchasing extra cleaning equipment.

Spray guns require regular cleaning. So, opt for the ones which are easier to clean.

Compatibility with Different Types of Paints

Whenever you are purchasing a sprayer, you are definitely not going to use it for only one job. There is a high chance you will need to use many different types of paints for your work.

This is why you should always opt for spray guns that are compatible with both water-based and oil-based materials. Usually, most paint sprayer guns are compatible with oil-based materials but not water-based materials. The reason is non-rust-resistant internal steel passages.

Look for anodized or rust-resistant steel passages in your HVLP spray gun. Those will be compatible with water-based materials.

Spray Patterns and Options

In the reviews, we have mentioned many HVLP spray guns with different spray patterns. The most common patterns were round, horizontal, and vertical.

The spray pattern is important for availing smooth finishes. If the pattern of the spray gun is not consistent, then the application won’t be smooth.

Look for tight patterns to prevent over-spraying. You want a nice and consistent spray finish that has uniform pigmentation. The options of round, round, horizontal, and vertical patterns are important for painting different shaped objects.

If you want a nice finish, the spray pattern is highly important. Always opt for the best spray pattern when it comes to spray guns.

Tips and Needles

Many inexpensive HVLP spray guns have plastic needles. They are perfectly fine for most woodworking projects. You can use these plastic tips and needles for a long time as well.

If you don’t mind investing a little bit more, then you can go for steel needles. Many HVLP spray guns come with needles of different sizes and shapes. Steel needles must be rust-resistant so that you can use water-based paints.

There is also brass needled HVLP spray guns. These needles are fin and can be used for a long time as well. Keep in mind that your tip should be easy to disassemble and clean.

Atomization Technology

This is not a must if you don’t want the perfect, precise, and smoothest finish. But if you are a professional who wants the perfect work, atomization is important.

Most of the products listed above use atomization technology. This ensures that your paint, however thick it is, is sprayed in a thin fine layer. Atomization breaks down the paint particles into finer pieces and then sprays them.

Atomization technology is excellent for professional woodworkers. If you are using the spray gun as a hobby, maybe you can skip this feature.

Quick and Simple Adjustments

Most of the products listed above have many adjustable features. If you can adjust the volume, flow, and pressure of the paint sprayer gun, you will have more control over your work.

Switching between patterns, adjusting the flow, and other adjustments should be quick as well. If it takes more time to adjust just the volume, then you wouldn’t want the feature.

Most HVLP spray guns have adjustment controls. Users are able to control the volume and pressure in these spray guns.

Adjustment options can be versatile. Choose the ones that fit your needs best.


Usually, spray guns made of aluminum or steel last longer than the others. These are a bit expensive compared to the other HVLP spray guns, but you will be able to use them for a longer period.

We recommend opting for durable spray guns because the other ones aren’t that cheap either. As you are already investing in this product, you should get a durable one.

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